Saturday, February 27, 2010


That's a long, drawn-out sigh of contentment.  Contentment's a jolly thing, doncha know?  It makes life SO much more enjoyable, when you're not fussing about what you don't have.  I'm very thankful that God's decided to let me learn the secret of it at such a young age.  Some people never find it.  And I'm sure, the actual technique of Contentment is different for everyone, depending on who you are.  Me?  I'm a little bit of everything, and honest to goodness that's the truth.  I've never found a subject that I don't like.  I'm somewhat of a Domestic Girly-Girl, somewhat of a Rough-And-Rowdy Tomboy Country Girl, somewhat of an Intellectual Straight-A Girl, and somewhat of a D*v!l-May-Care Girl.  Depending on the hour, the season, and (strangely) the weather. :)  So personally, my secret of Contentment is the proper perspective.  Take this little simple scenario: bathroom towels.  On the one hand, the towels could be lush and gorgeous and soft and fluffy and *gasp of pleasure* HEATED!  Who wouldn't love that?  I'd enjoy that immensely!  On the other, the towels could be small, rough, scratchy, and cold.  All I do is think how raw and rustic and invigourating it is to rub down with those solid, down-to-earth rags, think how tough I'm being, and VOILA!  I love it just the same!  I sure won't turn down the nicer things, but I don't need them to be very happy with myself and my Situation and my Outlook.  Very interesting concept, at least for me.

Where were we?  Ah, yes, I'm Content.  And looking at this picture, it should be no surprise...
Aren't you just jealous of me?  :)  This picture is actually misleading.  The REAL course of my day was something more like....

5.42am Wake Up for No Apparent Reason.  Try to decide whether to fall back asleep or bound out of bed.
5.44am Go for the Bounding.  Go to pull pins out of blocked Granny Square-of-Four in the dark.
5.46am Climb back in bed to give the Granny Square-of-Four some practice being a blanket.  Try it out over feet, shoulder, pillow.
5.50am Get up and fetch laptop to do some writing
7.07am Surface from The Deeps, with Ch. 6 checked off checklist (*cheers!!!!*)  Potter about tidying, crocheting, blocking, etc.
8.00am Head Down Stairs for breakfast and suchlike
8.47am Take off out the door for work!
11.20am Marvel at the speed of time today!
12.22pm Arrive home and munch mmmmmmmmmmmmMMmmm!
12.54pm Go upstairs and potter about knitting (this is the knitting+ice coffee part)
2.00pm Go shopping for camera
2.55pm Go to different store for camera
3.17pm Arrive home, still camera-less
4.00pm Head upstairs to snap photos, blog, crochet, etc.
4.17pm Compile list on blog of Daily Doings. :P

Speaking of that ice coffee!!  That was DeLightFul!! Simple, too, just make a weak brew, pour it over about half a packet of Stevia [[sugar equivalent=1 tsp]] and add ehhh, two inches or so of milk (or ricemilk, soymilk, whatev').  Add lots of ice!  Stir up and add more ice.  Best if served with a sunny windowseat, and some Crafting To Do.

That there is some knitting, on DPNs which I adore, a set of 5 which you generally can't get here in the US, and bamboo what's more!!  And THAT there is a Fiber Arts project's Homework, and it arrives at a most inopportune time, when I am again obsessed with crochet and crochet alone!

And I don't have any pictures for you of the Progress of Granny Square Secret-Which-Is-No-Longer-Secret, because all the times I've been crocheting and blocking, the lighting has been terrible (or else I've been lazy).  So soon, soon, my precious!  And I've never blocked anything before, so there will be discussion of that in future, as well.

Here's something to tie everything together, from haberdashery (DUDE, WORD!!) to Old Things to Jar-like "fetish" as it was called in a comment. :)  (And let me take this opportunity to say how seeing that little "1 Comment To Be Moderated" message completely makes my day!)

Hurricane lamp + button collection = SQUEEEEE!!!!!!  Closer look?  Of course!
There are quite a few reddish and Candy Cane buttons that I got for Christmas in there on the top.  It's a nice collection, mostly spares, but some that have come off of old clothing of mine.  A lot of fun to play with and sort out and count.

And that windowseat seems to be the backdrop for most of my photos.  Not my fault!  That's where the lighting is best, or at least sufferable, and it's my favorite place probably in the whole house.  So no apologies. Too bad!  :)

Hope you have a Weekend that's Lovely and full of Contentment!
AMZi x x x x x

PS  Dude, yesterday I had this idea that will drive any Granny-Square-er BONKERS.  Bonkers, I tell you.  It's SO exciting!  Be on the lookout!

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