Monday, January 31, 2011

An Afternoon

Needed to make something today.  I'd thought about it last night, but I put it off.  Then finding myself with nothing to do in the afternoon... well okay, I had plenty to do, but nothing that couldn't be strategically "rescheduled" for later... ;)  Decided to pull everything out and mess around with art stuff I haven't touched in years.  You can definitely tell I don't remember any technique from when I was like 10 and learned this stuff, but oh well.  It was fun. :)

At the outset.... So many choices.

I think we have our decision... :)

I had an idea and I just followed it as it went along.  Just wanted to slap some color down, and then I decided I wanted something underneath the big sheet of newsprint like cording or something, a little like making a rubbing only not really.  Then I thought of Christmas lights... go figure...  Did the whole thing on top of a messy strand of Christmas lights.

I started with a lot of green and some patterns and directions started to take shape... seemed like grass to me, dunno.  I just kept going, pretty chaotic. :)

At the end... the cool thing about newsprint and lights is it can do this afterward:

I love this picture below:

And actually in between there I did something really rapid fire with the pastels but I didn't take pictures of it in process, my hands were ghastly... so skipping on to the watercolors...

And after a few hours, I was left with these:

Well, I had fun. :)

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