Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I feel a great urge to speak Russian.  However, I do not speak Russian.  So you are spared. :)

Merry Christmas everybody!

Greenery and bows notwithstanding, we have no snow.  After two years of White Christmases shockingly, we appear to be back to your normal Kansas weather.  Gray.  I am not complaining.  Yesterday it was the right kind of gray, and Mom was all like, "What gloomy weather!" and I was surprised.  It hadn't occurred to me to dislike the weather.  Some of you will know what the right kind of gray means. :) :)

I love seeing our family doing the gift exchange.  You can definitely tell where the priorities are: Books and guns! What more can you want?  Lots of books, guns, and also music.  Which just goes to show the awesomeness. :)  Speaking of the guns, el hermano got a big airsoft assault rifle.  That's cool in itself, the thing is wicked accurate and besides looks intimidating!  BUT also, the manual is written in Chinese or something with THE most hilarious online-translator English version! Ha!  The best parts are as follows:

  • ONLY FOR 18 YEARS OLD OR UP: Operation of this air gun for competition use is restricted to users YOUNGER than 18 years old.  
  • ATTENTION PLEASE READ IT BEFORE USE IT.  It is for your to enjoy the fun of shoot that this soft ballistic gun is made.  
  • [instead of "bullets" it always says "ballets"]
  • Those who shoot mischievously or train the gun on people or animals will probably be punished by law. [but you might get away with it!]
  • Your eyes will be hurt if the BB ballets shoots your eyes by chance, it is very dangerous.  So don't look close to the muzzle at any time.  [accompanied by illustrations :P]
  • THE MUZZLE SHOULD BE DIRECTION AT THE SAFE DIRECTION!  [thanks for clearing that up...]  
  • [there is a lid to cover the barrel of the gun when not in use] Shoot casually will cause great danger, so please shoot before you take away the lid [?? I think not!] and aim at the object.
  • Maintaining your fingers on the trigger may cause sudden discharge for some reasons, which is dangerous.
  • Because of the design of the air gun, there are places subject to entanglement of your fingers.
  • [next to a picture of the gun] The charming shape of gun!
Ha. ha. ha.  Anyways, remember what Advent's really about. :) It's rather amazing, if you think about it long enough. Good thing to do the loooooong Christmas Eve night when the dogs are barking and the lights outside are reflecting on the walls.  


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  1. LOL... no really I did this time. Very funny.


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