Friday, November 12, 2010


I took a few quick pictures just cause. It's raining out, and it was chillier this morning.  So I needed these. :)

Easiest thing ever, I pretty much just chained about 20 (that'll vary depending on size of hand/hook/yarn--a chain that goes around the wides part of your knuckles rather tightly should work) joined it in a ring, and crocheted around and around forever.  When I reached the point I wanted the gap for the thumb, I just stopped, turned the work, crocheted around, stopped one stitch short, turned again, crocheted around, chained, and skipped across the gap, thereby closing it in a sort of box.  Finished going around and around as long as I wanted, cut yarn and tied off.  Then I went back and crocheted a few rows in a circle around the thumb-gap, making a sort of tube...  all in all very simple and not really worth a post but oh well. :)

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