Friday, August 13, 2010

*Cough Wheeze*

Made it!  I'm back!  Ayi, now I think life will settle down to normal.  Thank goodness the school year's starting!

Interspersed you find pictures of our latest venture, to Tennessee, to the lake house, plus some minor excursions on my part to a couple schools down there.  Bryan College and Covenant College, to be precise.  Both awesome schools, but Covenant is incredible!  And they gave me a T-shirt.  Which of course makes all the difference. :P Haha!

Aaaand just about to get my driver's license, just need to go take the test.  Nervous, yes?  But it'll be convenient so I can drive myself to school.  Maybe freaky, but still, good.  And we've created a thingummy, to remember the streets in order like you remember the planets in order.  Instead of My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas (minus the Pizzas now, poor Pluto!!) it's Queen Samantha Ate Muffins Not Rolls.  Clever, yes?

Aaaand not much crafting going on at my end, unlike all the stuff going on in the blogocosmos but I have some ideas floating round in my head!  Which is a promising sign.  Just as I plunge into the time of year when I have NO time whatsoever...

Aaaand writing isn't really happening, but it's because I'm waiting for cold weather.  It's vital to the "mood."  I'll get there, y'all.  Somehow.

Mainly still a lot of reading and studying going on!  Updated book list:

  1. Understanding the Times by Doc (David Noebel)
  2. Just Six Numbers by Whatsisname (Martin Rees)
  3. Economics in One Lesson by The Other Chap (Henry Haslitt)
  4. El Dorado by the Baroness (Orczy)
  5. A Prince of the Captivity by Buchan (John Buchan.  Shaken, not stirred.)
  6. Why We're Not Emergent by Two Guys Who Should Be (Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck
  7. Just Do Something by The Guy Who Wrote That Other Book With That Other Guy (Kevin DeYoung again)
And still to come, as soon as I can justify starting new books...
  1. Starship Troopers by Heinlein (already read but WANT to re-read!)
  2. Unnatural Death by Dorothy Sayers (friend gave it to me and I STILL haven't gotten to it!)
  3. Books by Kuyper and RC Sproul and Norman Geisler...piles of 'em!
AAAAND we got a dog!  And he's amazing.  Perfect little puppy!  About 5 mos. old, a cockapoo who's more poodle than cocker (pookapoo?) and we're calling him Kuyper.  Extremely smart little guy.  Very sweet.  

Aaaand I think that's it!  Had a lot of fun, but it is good to be home.  Lots on my mind, lots to pray about, but life is pretty darn good.  :)

AMZi x x x x x


  1. Lovely to have you back and what a lot has been happening in Amziland!!!! Love the pup!

  2. YOU GOT A DOG!!! TO KEEP???
    Awww....he's so CUTE! :D

    Best wishes on the driver's test! ;)


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